Our new mobile pop-up transformer

The RE:BALLS  BASE & GARAGE  is the next generation wooden mobile pop-up structure and the ultimate solution for hospitality and road show events. experiences. 

Wood is a powerful carbon sink, and binds the carbon throughout the life cycle – for over 75 years for wood structures, for instance. The growing season is very short – only about 100 days a year. The slower a tree grows, the higher is the quality of the wood. For a climate-friendly and carbon neutral (CO2) rally service parks constructions by 2022!

In 1 single transport, with  a 45-foot RE:BALLS BASE unit transforms into a double deck venue with the volume of four 45-foot containers and viewing deck on top. Equipped with climate control, led lighting and more it offers 150 square meters to create an exclusive hospitality area for your guests at sports events and corporate marketing events. 

RE:BALLS GARAGE offers 120 square meters to create an garage for 1-3 cars, space for one racing car is 5m x 8m with led working lightning, air compressor, generator/ground electricity.

✅ Reserve your spot in season 2022 rally events to our RE:BALLS BASE & GARAGE today!

Want to to know more about this new service? 📩 sales@rebals.fi

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